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Private Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour at Cava de Marcelo

During the California Gold Rush, Swiss immigrants came to Baja to earn their fortune. After a little luck in the gold business, Mr. Ramonetti went on to do what he knew best —make Swiss cheese. The result is Rancho Cava de Marcelo.

The historic ranch is nestled 30 minutes southeast of Ensenada in Ojos Negros. Today, Rancho Cava de Marcelo is the best artisan cheese maker in Ensenada. In addition to Swiss cheese, they also craft their own gelato, which you can pair with a dozen different types of aged cheeses (3 months to 3 years). All the Baja wine and cheese tastings happen underground in their cellar, but not before getting a full tour of the ranch and the entire cheese making process.

After pairing delicious cheese with wine from Valle de Guadalupe, you will be treated to the best outdoor meal. Lunch consists of organic meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables all prepared on the grill and smoked to perfection.


9:00 am

Pick up from San Diego (customer chooses the pickup location).

10:30 am

Stop over at El Mirador viewpoint for a restroom and photo break

12:00 pm

Arrival at Rancho Cava de Marcelo. Begin the tour of the cheese making process

1:00 pm

Go underground to the cellar for cheese and wine tastings

2:00 pm

Time for a delicious outdoor lunch on the grill. Gelato served as well

4:30 pm

Head back home

8:00 pm

Drop off at your location in San Diego

End of Tour

Notes: This is a private tour and requires a minimum of six people to run.

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